Bigfoot Apartments

About Bigfoot Apartments

Bigfoot Apartments is developed and managed by Bigfoot Properties, Inc., a wholly owned international private real estate investment subsidiary of the Bigfoot Group of Companies. Bigfoot Properties specializes in the development and leasing of real estate across the globe.

In the Philippines, aside from Bigfoot Apartments, Bigfoot Properties has developed Bigfoot Center, the landmark office building that is home to Bigfoot's outsourcing business, as well as a state-of-the-art two-hectare-facility and campus of Bigfoot Studios and the International Academy for Film and Television. In addition, Bigfoot Properties, through its various affiliates, owns other properties throughout the Philippines.

In Singapore and Hong Kong, Bigfoot Properties owns and manages several properties in the city's trendy districts.

Bigfoot Properties also owns properties in Belgium and the United States.

Bigfoot Apartments is a residential facility located strategically within the Bigfoot I.T. and Media Park right in the heart of Mactan Island, Cebu where the campus for the International Academy for Film and Television is also situated.


Bigfoot Center
Bigfoot Properties, Inc.
Bigfoot Studios
International Academy for Film and Television